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Jon Jagger


Jon Jagger is a self-employed software consultant-trainer-programmer-mentor-enthusiast-etc. specializing in agile software development (people and process), test-driven development, UML, design, analysis, OO, and curly bracket languages (C#, C, C++, Java). He is a UK C panel member, a lapsed UK C++ panel member, and served as the convenor and Principal UK Expert (PUKE!) for C#'s ECMA standardization.

He is also the inventor of The Average Time To Green Game. He has had numerous articles published both online and in magazines and is the co-author of two books: C# Step by Step and C# Annotated Standard.

Jon is married to the beautiful Natalie, and is the proud father of Ellie, Penny, and Patrick. He is also a mad keen freshwater fisherman.





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