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Full Name

Michael Hunger


Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development since his childhood days in East Germany. He is particularly interested in the people who develop software, software craftsmanship, programming languages, and improving code. While he likes coaching and in-project development as an independent consultant ("better software development evangelist" — http://jexp.de), he really enjoys the numerous other projects in his life.

One half of his life is devoted to his family of three kids, a longtime obsession for a text-based multi-user dungeon (MUD MorgenGrauen), reading books whenever possible, running his coffee shop "die-buchbar" with a workshop for printing on things, and tinkering with and without Lego®. The other half is filled with working with programming languages and learning new ones, enjoying IT podcasts (especially Software Engineering Radio), participating in exciting and ambitious projects like qi4j, creating DSLs (jequel, squill, and xmldsl), lots of refactoring, and contributing to and reviewing books in progress. Recently, he started to present at conferences.

Contact Info

Michael can be reached at http://jexp.de, Mich@elhunger.de or mesirii@twitter.



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