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If you would like to contribute an item, then first see How to Become a Contributor and Please Read this Guideline before Making Your Own Contribution.

Please note that the deadline has passed for adding items that will be considered for inclusion in the book. However, the site will continue to grow and accept new items, so add any new contribution to the Not Yet Ready for Editing or Ready for Editing lists and be sure to include yourself in the list of Contributors. Don't forget to provide a profile and to sign up for announcements here.

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to contribute.

Kevlin Henney
Site editor


Edits Pending

An item is moved to Other Edited Contributions when the editor has had a chance to make some suggestions to the author and the author has implemented appropriate changes.

  1. Measure Don't Guess by Kirk Pepperdine
  2. Program Defensively by Graham Wheeler
  3. Collection of Collections Is a Code Smell by Kirk Pepperdine
  4. The Prime Directive by Kirk Knoernschild

Ready for Editing

Contributions in this section are effectively complete from the author's point of view. Items appended to the list in this section must meet the word-count requirements (at least 400 words and not wildly over 500 words) and the associated author bio must also be complete (see here for more details). An item is moved to Edits Pending when the editor has had a chance to edit and make suggestions to the author.

  1. Fight For Your Infrastructure by Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen
  2. Learn To Do Just Enough by Anthony Harrison
  3. Knowing What To Count by Anthony Harrison
  4. Don't Stay Stuck by Christian Horsdal

Not Ready for Editing

Contributions in this section are works in progress that do not yet meet the word count or author profile requirements, or that authors want to spend a little more time on before moving to Ready for Editing.

  1. Take Time to Read Other People's Good (and Bad) Code by Craig Larman
  2. Give me 100% Code Coverage or Give Me Death! by Paul Sidnell
  3. Know How To Apply Your Manager by Tim Ottinger
  4. Framework Callbacks Are Shells by Tim Ottinger
  5. Pair with an Architect by Gerard Meszaros
  6. Break The Rules by Paul G Brown
  7. Curiosity Killed the Cat, but It Will Make You Stronger by Bediako George
  8. Write Code for People by Mattias Karlsson
  9. The Clean Abstraction Principle by Mark Collins-Cope
  10. The Domain Separation Principle by Mark Collins-Cope
  11. Take the Plunge! by Timothy High
  12. Work Smarter, with better environment for best results by Balakumar Muthu
  13. Don't Be Too Smart by Mattias Karlsson
  14. If You Want to Have Cities You've Got to Build Roads by Mike Nereson
  15. Give a developer a fish, feed him for a day... by John Dubchak
  16. Creating a no fake web presence by Anand Narayanaswamy
  17. Fix a problem, not look for easy answer by ChikChung Lee


Anything in this section appears to have been abandoned by its author. The items have not been updated in a long time and their authors have either not responded to emails or have not left any contact details.

  1. Imperfect World by Colin Maharaj
  2. Use Social Networking to Find a Job by Donavon West
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